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WattsUp Racing is a distinct program relative to regular classes at WattsUp. Racing workouts are designed to target specific aspects of competitive road racing, unlike the regular program at WattsUp which targets more general cycling needs. Racing workouts are road racing specific...periodized work targeting all energy systems, changes of pace, and racing-specific efforts. Preparing the racer for any sort of acceleration, sprint, time trial or long break-away effort.

From November to March, we offer a WattsUp Racing option at each and every weekday class. The instructor on-site will lead the regular WattsUp class, but all the while a WattsUp Racing workout will be presented on one of the large TVs at the front of the studio. And you, the racer, follow along. Feed off the energy of the class, but get in the racing-specific training that your competitiveness demands. Weekday sessions are 90 minutes. And on Saturday, a 2.5 hour session is offered.

  • Reserved class slots
  • Lactate-based testing at the start and end of the program
  • On-site bike storage included
  • WattsUp HomeRacing program included
  • Showers, towel service, and change rooms on site
  • Three options are available:
    • Option #1: The full program, including weekends. $309 + HST monthly.
    • Option #2: Monday to Friday enrolment only. For the athlete who can only commit to classes Monday through Friday. $239 + HST monthly.
    • Option #3: Once-weekly riding. For the athlete who can only commit to riding once per week (be it a weekday or weekend). $139 + HST monthly.

–if you miss your regularly scheduled class, you can make it up by attending any other class in the week, space-permitting
–Saturday's class is 10:30 am to 1:30 pm
–the HomeRacing program is not included in Option #3

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