Ride with WattsUp this summer: Don't let your hard-earned fitness slip. Believe it or not, when athletes leave our studio for the summer and ride without guidance, they typically default to tempo-effort riding (i.e., not too hard, not too easy). They don't do enough Zone 1 and 2 (recovery and base), nor do they keep their top end (5 minute and 1 minute power) sharp. Eventually, they get worn thin, tired, and lose enthusiasm for their riding.

At WattsUp, we recognize this, and we help to keep your riding balanced, preventing burn out. We do workouts each week which keep your top end sharp. And have a lot of recovery (i.e., Zone 1 and 2) between. We'll keep you doing what you should be doing but wouldn't otherwise do on your own. And, for the multisport athletes, our weekly brick sessions are superior for keeping you race-ready. You just cannot beat the effectiveness of these brick sessions.

With all that said, we want you in our studio throughout summer, and have put together a special package to entice you to do just that:

Commit to ride with WattsUp for June, July, August & September and receive:

  • unlimited class attendance
  • one hour massage with Miranda Tomenson ($75 value)
  • a canister of eLoad or a bag of Skratch sports nutrition ($36 value)
  • a free weekend class reservation for winter 2017/2018 ($25 value)

...all of the above for $499 + HST!

Our summer schedule of classes (effective Mon, Jun 5th):

Tuesday: 8 am
Wednesday: 5:45 am brick*, 7 pm
Thursday: 6 pm brick*
Friday: 6 am and 9:30 am

*athletes not wanting to participate in the brick workout will be have the option to participate in a regular WattsUp (i.e., cycling-only) workout