WattsUp Cycling operated indoor, power-based cycling studios in Toronto from 2008 to 2020. In the early years, WattsUp Cycling was the leader in the indoor cycling market. Over time, changes in technology, software and communications impacted WattsUp Cycling, and in 2020 the studio closed permanently.

The spirit of WattsUp Cycling remains, however. The original goal of the program was to help people become athletes and athletes become champions. We have worked with well over 1,000 GTA athletes and have a proven, effective, and realistic system of training which remains available to the individual athlete today.

Let WattsUp Cycling help you achieve your cycling and/or triathlon goals via any/all of the following:

$50 + HST / month

The program that was developed, delivered and continually refined at our indoor studios is available online for any cyclist/triathlete wherever they may be. It is an annual program, commencing in October/November, peaking the athelte's fitness for the beginning of summer (May/June), and maintaining that fitness through the summer and early fall.

What you need is a power-based trainer and a method of viewing the WattsUp workout on an internet-enabled device. We try to keep things as simple as possible. Simple, but effective. HomeCycling is a monthly subscription, and can be commenced/cancelled/renewed at any point in time, whenever is convenient for you. (However, if one withdraws from the program part way through a calendar month, they are still billed in full for that calendar month.)

$75 + HST / month

CompuTrainer rentals are available. For those who haven't yet, or don't want to, enter the indoor trainer market. A winter CompuTrainer rental is far more economical than an outright purchase of a smart trainer. Limited number available.

$299 + HST / month

WattsUp's founder, Adam Johnston, remains active in personal coaching. Each year Adam works with a handful of athletes to assist them in achieving their endurance-related goals. He's been coaching endurance athletes since 1999, having helped hundreds of athletes remain healthy, train consistently, and achieve new heights in their fitness and competitions. Adam has worked with first timers, seasoned age groupers, and elite athletes alike. Primarily triathletes, cyclists, and runners. He has been fortunate to work with athletes who have qualified for and competed in: Hawaii Ironman (age group), 70.3 World Championships (elite and age group), ITU World Championships (elite and age group), National Olympic Triathlon Championships (elite and age group), and the Boston Marathon.

Adam's focus while coaching is on ensuring the program fits the athlete. And not the other way around. He places emphasis on training-life balance, realistic expectations, focusing on and enjoying the process vs the outcome, and balance within the training program.

Adam's roster is typically in flux through the fall, and settles in for the winter through to the following summer. Feel free to inquire anytime about the availability of Adam's personal coaching service.

$175 + HST

WattsUp offers stand-alone lactate testing services for both the bike and the run. Athletes use lactate tests for a number of reasons, including to measure their current fitness level and help determine reasonable training zones/guidelines. Lactate testing requires 90 minutes of your time, only half of which is spent on the bike (or run). We use a ramp test protocol, which has you starting out very light and building throughout the test to a medium hard effort by the end. It is not a maximal effort test, nor are the results dependent on your level of motivation. Athletes walk away with a simple two-page report summarizing their test results and suggested training zones.

WattsUp Program

I wanted to let you know that I have finished up the 3 spring classics and the first O Cup mtb race. I PB'd in all 3 gravel races, one of which had a 79th overall (vs 178 th overall last year), and the mtb O Cup had a 3rd place finish for the last podium spot. Gotta think your race program had lots to do with it as I really didn't change anything else over the winter. See you indoors in December!

I never got a chance to thank you for all the training, education and support this past winter. It was great getting introduced to your program and I definitely feel the benefits. This weekend (at the Ride to Conquer Cancer) will tell the full tale but I feel like I can handle it and I don't think I could state that without all the benefits you and your team provided. Thanks again and have a great summer!!

The winter-early spring training I just did at WattsUp has really been amazing! I have never felt fitter and healthier in all my life as now! Happy to be among the countless living, breathing proof of WattsUp's guarantee to its disciples... improved fitness over time.

My outdoor riding has been going well. I can feel my improvement in leg power! Right now I am the lightest I have ever been and also have the most leg power I have ever had! The perfect combination!

I think I am stronger, last year most of my training was around 29 to 30 kph. Just last weekend, I did a 90 K ride in 2:44 which is over 32 kph!

We have both enjoyed the training at your facility and will certainly endorse the program to any of our cycling friends.

Dear WattsUp: Let me start by saying a huge THANKS! Over the past 11 months I have become so much stronger on my bike, more importantly, so much stronger in confidence! Everybody at WattsUp has been such amazing coaches - positive, insightful and always encouraging me to be the best I can be on that day. The workouts are structured with a specific objective which means each workout builds on the previous one - AMAZING.

This year for the first time ever I started the outdoor season feeling so very strong. I was ready for my goal triathlon and as a result finished the event with a huge smile on my face - happy with each km I rode. The brick workouts we did definitely added to both my fitness level AND my mindset for the event. I am so excited to be starting the program this month. It's challenging, motivating and actually in a crazy kind of way - lots of fun. You guys are amazing - THANKS!

At age 49, I have a lot of experience with being "off the back" and getting dropped on the hills. My goal this year was to get dropped less in general, and to eventually ride confidently with the 26-28 km/h group with my club, and also to hopefully improve on my time at the Subaru Centurion C50 ride in September (2016).

I have done spinning classes in the past and have also been exposed to power-based training. I wanted to take the next step in commitment to becoming a better bike rider. So I thought structured weekly training at WattsUp would be a perfect fit. When I walked in to my first weekly training session at Halloween (2015), I thought to myself, "this year is going to be different, my season starts now." Entry into the program started with my first ever lactate threshold test which objectively established my power zones, providing me a starting point for my very first class.

After a winter of consistent indoor training at WattsUp, I did, in fact, move up to the new group on club rides this summer. And in the Centurion C50, despite a very rainy day, I improved my time by 18:07 over my previous best! My average speed went from 26.4 to 29.2 km/h! I moved up 17 percentile points in the overall category, even though I was now racing with an extra 294 racers who normally do the C100. (The C100 was cancelled due to weather conditions.) I'm extremely pleased with seeing an improvement. The work continues, however I am very impressed that training actually worked for me at my age. WattsUp was the difference.

I joined Watts Up in November 2015 with the intention of maintaining my cycling fitness over the winter. I had never been on a CompuTrainer and was interested in trying it. After having my initial test/assessment, I had my own level of fitness to work with and improve on. I really enjoyed the classes, even as they grew harder over the winter. I grew stronger. It was also very motivating to ride with a group. By the time spring arrived I was in the best shape ever! I highly recommend WattsUp, there is lots of support and information available for new cyclists. Thank you WattsUp! I'll be back this winter!!!

I have always liked to ride my bike but often found myself struggling to keep up with other cyclists in my group, after committing to the WattsUp program...I LOVE to ride my bike. I am now able to ride with poise and confidence in any group I choose. The team at WattsUp are professionals in every sense and have helped me to discover what it really means to be a cyclist.

I starting riding at WattsUp last year as part of the Toronto Triathlon Club and it was an incredible experience. I couldn't have made it through not only through my first race but others since, without having been part the classes and learning so much from Kevin, who was so patient with me, preparing me for my first triathlon season.

What can I say, but I just love riding with you guys! Honestly, I truly think that what you and the team have done at WattsUp is fantastic. I'm so excited to be part of it.

Personal Coaching

I'd like commend Adam on a great summer season of outdoor training. I had the opportunity to have Adam coach me with my goal of improving my cycling ability. As a 50+ year old woman I didn't know whether it would be possible to see any improvement at this point in my life. I found that not only did the personal program give me focus on my rides but I can now say that after 3 months I have improved my strength and endurance. After this short period of time I'm so impressed that I'm looking forward to more cycling challenges with Adam's coaching.

Adam, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your very supportive and successful coaching program that we did this year. My goal in January was to prepare for a bike ride from Lake Louise AB to Whistler BC, 1001km and survive. I did it!

I am very grateful for the training and coaching program that you designed for me...an ageing 66 year old with glorious goals! In all seriousness, I do appreciate the program that you designed for me and the ongoing tweaking that you provided. Your focus and dedication to the detail was most appreciated.

The ride through the Rockies was tough. Having you work with me to prepare me...physically and mentally for the task was very important. Riding for 7 days, up to 180k/day, with 30,000 feet of climbing was big. You understood the effort and supported the initiative.

I would absolutely recommend your personal coaching for anyone who has a biking goal and wants to reach it. You are an amazing coach, you have a system and program that works, and I thank you for helping me successfully attain my goal...again!

Not sure what the next ring is, but hope you will be there to help me reach it!

Coaching is a blend of science and art, and Adam has found that magical mix where the training regime is rooted in performance tested results but supported by his ability to engage, support and motivate the athlete. "Trust your training" is the mantra, and with Adam's coaching, you can believe in that mantra when it counts, ...at the start line.

I came to WattsUp the winter after my first season of cyclocross. I hoped to start the next season with better legs, but I NEVER expected to see my fitness improve so drastically! When spring came I jumped at the chance to continue my development under Adam's personal coaching - his individualized approach to each of his athletes and the structure he brought to my training schedule was exactly what I needed to support my cycling goals and ambitions. Through his experience and direction I completed successful spring gravel and road racing seasons, and he also helped me overcome a mid-summer injury to resume regular training. I'm now gearing up for a second season of cyclocross with a personalized training routine of targeted workouts and structured rides that fit my schedule and meet my needs as an athlete, setting me up for even greater success.

Coaching was never something that I had considered, having trained myself for 4 seasons with fairly good results. Looking back after two seasons with Adam, I wouldn't go back to doing this on my own. The journey over the last two years have taught me about myself, nutrition, pacing, to name a few, and it has provided me with structure to my training and accountability that have permitted me to stay focused, reaching the goals set for the season. Adam structures training to attain your goals based on you individually, and there is flexibility that it fits into a busy work/life schedule. Other than the overall performance results and keeping injury free, there is a two-way line of communication, helping maintain motivation. If you're looking for a coach to work with for your next triathlon or road race, I would highly recommend working with Adam!

I couldn't have climbed Mt. Ventoux without Adam's coaching: the program he tailored for me, including regular follow-up, ensured I was ready to go! And now having achieved my goal (and loved every kilometer of it), I'm deciding which iconic climb to tackle next. Secure in the knowledge that Adam and WattsUp will again make sure that I'm ready to go - regardless of what I choose. THANK YOU!